L A T E S T     N E W S!!

7/5/12...NEW!! 2012 Summer Single Release "LOVE ME NOW"
Bickley has just release the HOT new Chill/Downtempo single "Love Me Now"! It is available for download on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and more!
Hear the release interview with WRCH HERE!!

"This track has exotic flavor...full of swinging background sounds ...an awakening dream...and very addictive. I love the way it is chillin and full of spacey sounds!" -Jamel Barbirou, Tunisia, WCJS Radio

"Absolutely LOVE IT Bickley! That song was written for someone like me... living in paradise! LOL Love your silky smooth vocals and the feeling... a tropical island love making get away! JUST LOVE IT! It's the type of song that sets the mood just perfectly... it would keep anyone in bed with their partner even on a Sunday morning. lol" Bobby D, Promoter, Costa Rica

Chill / Downtempo
[chil] [doun temp-
poh] MUSIC
1. chill, electronic music characterized by mellow style and mid-tempo beats. Also, called chill out music.

2. downtempo (sometimes referred to as “chill out”, “chill” or “downbeat”) is a type of electronic music style similar to ambient music, but usually with a beat or groove.

3. it’s just a higher form of relaxation!


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