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Bickley in Trinidad for PANORAMA 2023!

Bickley performed in Panorama for the 2nd time!  This time with Hadco Phase II Pan Groove Large band, directed by the legendary Boogsie Sharpe.  The band was approximately 120 members.


Panorama is an annual music competition of Steelbands from Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually held around Carnival time.


There are three rounds of competition

  • Preliminary round - January 31, 2023

  • Semi-final round - February 5, 2023

  • Final round - February 18, 2023


Hadco Phase II Preliminary 2023

All rounds are done while the band is stationary and positioned directly in front of the judges.  The preliminary round takes place in the respective panyards while up until reccently, the other rounds are held at the Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, fondly called the ‘Big Yard’.


Conventional bands play an arrangement of a calypso for a maximum of 8 minutes.

Birdsong warmup on the track
Savannah, Trinidad, Feb 1, 2015

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