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People All Over the World - the GLOBAL VERSION

Video from Participants 'round the world...

We are canvassing for participants around the globe to be part of this short music video.   Each participant needs to be part of a group of people demonstrating ONE or MORE of the following: waving to the camera, smiling, dancing, singing to the music, jumping's all about fun, but more importantly showing the many colors and flavors of the world.  Any age is allowed, however, at this point we are really looking for ages 16-85 because of the already received content.  Your portion of the video should be showing your unique spice - read the lyrics to the song below to fully understand what this is about.


We really appreciate your willingness to participate and hope you find it fun.  You will need to video tape 10-30 seconds of your "spice" in highest quality possible.   We will be using only portions of the submissions to put together the full video, which will probably be 2- 2.5 minutes long.   This may not sound like much, but most scenes in videos are each about 2-5 seconds long, that is what keeps the viewing interesting.    Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!   Thank you!  PLEASE READ THE LYRICS BELOW>>>>

PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD (Composer: Bickley Rivera (c)2016)

People All Over the World, rise up, rise up, rise up!

People All Over the World, jump up, jump up! (put yuh hands up, rise yuh hands)

Just givin' the groove so we can prove that we can move

Raise yuh hands, every color, every land, gotta take a stand

There aint no shame cuz bein' the same would just be lame

Mix it up, it's like fiyah, tang bang clang a dang dang

We gotta right to be blessed I must confess

Cuz we're here for the rest, yes, that's my guess (that's right, that's right)

Just give me da spice and everything nice and lots of flava!!


We gotta mission!

Makin a connection!

It's a celebration (show yuh power mon, that spice)!


People All Over the World, rise up, rise up, rise up!

People All Over the World, jump up jump up! (hold yuh hands, hold yuh hands, get together)


People 'round the world,

Every single nation,

All united forces,

Gonna start a conversation


People of the world, people of the world, rise up, rise up!

Get together now...

White, black, brown, yellow and red, representin' every nation

All my people 'round the world share your spice and flava, colors of our own creation.


People All Over the World....lots of flava!

Puerto Rico, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Scotland, all around the world...

Greece, Trinidad, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Germany, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Argentina, Iceland, Thailand...




People All Over the World published by Tropic Heat Music, copyrighted by Bickley Rivera

Unauthorized duplication is a violation and will subject to applicable laws.



People All Over the World - Bickley Rivera
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Listen to People All Over the World here!!  FULL SONG!
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