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Special Thanks...

Many people touched my life, inspired and contributed to the final product called Positive Vibez.  I would like to name a few.

First, is my husband, who co-produced this album.  His patience and great oversight to this project helped shape the concept and flow.  He is my "go-to" for anything in question, and important decisions.  Next are the many contributors...many fine musicians:


Nelson Rivera ...his fine bass, percussion and vocal work,

Joey Caamano... our live guitarist,

Ivan have so much joy and goodness in your island guitar playing,

Floyd Lewis...I have high regard for your professionalism and fine guitar playing,

Robert Harrison (B-Xtreme) left us too early for us to thank you for the inspiration you gave us - you meant a great deal to us    and will continue to feed us energy - Rest in Peace, brother,

Terry Tuck...funky bassist and positive spirit in what you do,

Sam Hankins...loved your sassy trumpet licks that set you apart from others.

Martha Velez...your music and life experiences are so motivating and appreciate your vocals on "Dreams",

David glad we got your fills on "Travelin' Light" !,

Rod Williams...need I say how smooth your sax playing is, it's always a treat to work with you.


Other contributers include:

George Landress...your knowledge is so intense and I'm privledged to work with


Jessie Ortega Rosaly...such fine photography, thank you, thank you,


Every RADIO DJ who has shown interest, supported and promoted us Indie

Artists....I really can't say thank you enough, you keep us alive!


And to EVERY listener...I hope this project moves you to feel more positive about

life, helping others and making a difference.  Everyone matters and every

movement writes LIFE.  





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