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Read all about the latest CHILL album from Bickley!  Released in 2021

Reviews of The ULTIMATE CHILL album

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I have been following the American steelpan player Bickley Rivera for years on By playing her unique way of playing the steelpan, she can be heard on more than 100 radio stations in her home country, and via the Internet she even reaches Africa, the UK, Greece and the rest of Europe.  



At the age of five, she began to study classical piano for 16 years. In the beginning of 2020 she wanted to release new music, and the single 'Mumbai Glow' was a taste of that. Shortly after, 'Liquid Theory' followed, and then the world came to a standstill due to the Corona pandemic. However, Bickley wanted to heal the world with her chill-out, nu-jazz music, bring calm and tranquility, and take away the stress. In the course of 2020 she expanded on that idea, and last May the digital version was finally available, and in July the CD was finally available. 'Atmospheric Bliss', with which this project opens, immediately immerses you in that Caribbean relaxed atmosphere, which actually makes the sun shine! It's a slightly funky song, which makes you dance for joy, with Bickley's voice in between here and there. 'Pacific Blend' is based on the movement that beach berths make by entering and exiting the water. The current of that Pacific Ocean is also incorporated, and the sound of the steelpan even goes under water. This is followed by the meditative track 'Liquid Theory', floating on a pulsating sound, on which you can even imagine yourself in "outer space". “Ahimsa,” on the other hand, follows a course parallel to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. This South Asian culture thus draws you into a meditative atmosphere. To the tones of 'Floating' you float through the clouds, after which we board a hovercraft to experience 'Infinite Chill'. Phased and wah effects were linked to Bickley's voice. We then return to South Asia with the ethnic, calming 'Mumbai Glow', mixing ethnic instruments such as tabla, gjembe and khol with layers of synthesizer and saucepan. "Kickin' Back (Lo-Fi)" is a real downtempo track, followed by "Shimmering Delight", which lends itself perfectly to spas and other wellness establishments. On 'Celestial Massage', piano is used as an accompaniment to the steelpan, which should calm your mind. Closer 'Smooth Silk' is symbolic of the fear and unrest caused by the pandemic. This playful meditation brought back carefree memories of her childhood in Bickley. All in all, this music should heal you during this terrible crisis, like we've never experienced one before. She certainly left a calming and positive impression on me. Once again a successful musical project for Bickley, which really deserves more attention!

Patrick Van de Wiele 
4.5 out of 5 stars


Translation of KEYS AND CHORDS 11/29/21 review of  Bickley Rivera's THE ULTIMATE CHILL album (from Dutch to English)

Other reviews...

"Just finished listening to the new Bickley Rivera The Ultimate Chill CD Project, oh my. This project takes you on a smooth, sexy, relaxing cosmic journey like no other place. This is truly one CD to purchase for your collection, and share the vibe."
Keith V Gilchrist, radio host of Jazzology with Keith G SO' Jazzy Radio.

"From The downtempo to the chilly soulful house beats, Bickley Rivera is still loyal to her unique and imaginary style.  With various sounds and frequencies she can bring the audience into her electronic world of music, colors and vibrations and still feature her steel pan as a focal point.  I personally can not remember a deeper submersion like this since the early tunes of Jean-Michel Jarre.  The name of the album says it all and it is "The Ultimate Chill" where she opens the door for a total new atmosphere with her compositions of colorful steel pan notes sound, cultures and feelings.  I was immersed and amazed while listening to this album...but you will only get this experience if you press the play button."
Jamel Eddine Barbirou, previous Radio Host in Tunis, Tunisia


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