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T   h   e      U   l   t   i   m   a   t   e      C   h   i   l   l   (Album)

Dear friends, as 2020 approached, I began plans for new music releases. It  was a hopeful time and creative energies were flowing with little resistence.   In January 2020, I released "Mumbai Glow", a South Asian inspired electronic chillout song with calming vibrations.  Soon after, "Liquid Theory", a meditative thought-provoking track was released. By February 2020, we heard about this global pandemic and by March 2020 we were in the midst of "watching the Earth stop".  Loss of work led me to create an online radio CHILL program in order to get my chill thoughts out and heal the world. My only thoughts were "I need to channel this nervous energy into a form that is healthy, can calm, heal and balance everyone in need."

Songs flew from my head to steel pan, keyboards and voice with incredible ease and "The Ultimate Chill" was born and blossomed through the year.

My hope in releasing this electronic psy/chill album is to take you away from daily stress and send you on a travel to a realm of higher consciousness... new vibrations where life is as light as air.   All I want for everyone is Health, Peace and Happiness.   The rest is easy.

Artist: Bickley Rivera

Released: May 24, 2021 (Digital)

                    June 12, 2021 (CD/USB)

Label: Tropic Heat Music

Genre: Electronic Chill-Out

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S E C R E T S  OF  T h e   U l t i m a t e  C h i l l ...

Thank you for your interest in my ELECTRONIC COLLECTION: "The Ultimate Chill".   Most of these songs were composed during the Global Pandemic of 2020.  The intent was to bring peace and calm to those struggling with health and emotional issues. Creating these songs provided some sanity to me as well, as I focused on warm tones and frequencies associated with balance and serenity. Here are notes on my thought process as I weaved each piece.

1. Atmospheric Bliss - I really wanted a slightly funky song which evoked a free-spirit dancing mood.  When writing this song, I chose to explore jazz chords with 4 stereo tracks of steelpan ...


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